Jollibee Jolly Kiddie Meal Menu is more than just a meal; it’s a portal to laughter, imagination, and shared memories. So head to your nearest Jollibee with your little one, watch their eyes sparkle with Yumburger joy, and let the adventures begin. Remember, a happy kiddo means a happy parent, and Jollibee has the secret sauce to make both hearts sing.

Jollibee Jolly Kiddie Meal Menu

Yum Burger Kiddie Meal103 ₱
Jolly Spaghetti Kiddie Meal123 ₱

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There’s a Yumburger and Jolly Spaghetti combo for classic cravings or a Yumburger with Jolly Fries for the fry-lovers. The Cheesy Yumburger with Jolly Spaghetti is a winning choice.

The toys change regularly, featuring beloved Jollibee mascots like Jollibee himself, Hetty, Popo, Yum, and Twirly. Each toy promises unique play possibilities, sparking imaginations and giggles.

Absolutely! The Jolly Spaghetti with its tomato sauce and ground meat, along with the Jolly Potato Rounds, offer a satisfying dose of veggies and protein.

Prices vary slightly depending on the chosen combo, but they’re all budget-friendly, making Jollibee a happy place for both tummies and wallets.

Jollibee is open from morning to evening, so you can grab a Yumburger breakfast or fuel an afternoon outing with a Jolly Spaghetti feast. Check their website for specific store hours near you.

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