Jollibee Chicken Joy Menu isn’t just fried chicken; it’s an art form. Each succulent piece boasts a shatteringly crisp exterior, giving way to juicy, tender meat seasoned to perfection. Whether you’re a solo diner or feeding a hungry family, the menu caters to every appetite. Craving a quick bite? Grab a 1 (pc) Chickenjoy Solo or indulge in a 2 (pcs) combo with fries and gravy. Dive into the 4 (pcs) Family Box or gather the whole crew around an 8 (pcs) Bucket perfect for celebrations or movie nights. Don’t forget, that you can customize your joy with spicy or original flavors, depending on your heat tolerance.

Jollibee Chicken Joy Menu

6 (pcs) Chickenjoy Bucket With Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan660 ₱
8 (pcs) Chickenjoy Bucket With Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan760 ₱
6 (pcs) Chickenjoy Bucket Solo + Free 1 (pc)435 ₱
8 (pcs) Chickenjoy Bucket Solo + Free 2 (pcs)535 ₱
6 (pcs) Chickenjoy With Palabok Family Pan880 ₱
8 (pcs) Chickenjoy With Palabok Family Pan980 ₱
4 (pcs) Chickenjoy Family Box Solo325 ₱
Chickenjoy Bucket Family Meals758 ₱
Chickenjoy With Burger Steak And Half Jolly Spaghetti Super Meal211 ₱
Chickenjoy With Half Jolly Spaghetti And Shanghai Super Meal211 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy82 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy With Jolly Spaghetti139 ₱
2 (pcs) Chickenjoy163 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy with Fries123 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy with Palabok205 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy with Burger Steak140 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy with Creamy Macaroni Soup154 ₱
1 (pc) Chickenjoy with Double Rice143 ₱

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Solo 1 (pc), 2 (pcs) combo, 4 (pcs) Family Box, 6 (pcs) and 8 (pcs) Buckets.

Yes, you can choose between original and spicy flavors.

French fries, rice, Jolly Spaghetti without hotdog (check for vegetarian cheese), Pineapple Quencher.

10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Yes, Jollibee offers delivery through various online platforms.

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