At Jollibee, every sip is a celebration, a burst of flavor, and a reminder that life is meant to be savored. Particularly, from fruity escapes to creamy indulgences, their Jollibee Beverages Menu is an invitation to let loose, embrace the joy, and sip your way to Filipino happiness. So, head to your nearest Jollibee, grab a drink, and let the good times flow.

Jollibee Beverages Menu

Hot Chocolate48 ₱
Coffee43 ₱
Soda Floats52 ₱
Pineapple Juice64 ₱
Sarsi53 ₱
Royal53 ₱
Sprite53 ₱
Coke Zero53 ₱
Coke 1L Solo91 ₱
Coke53 ₱
Iced Tea64 ₱

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Peach Mango Juice, Jolly Coke, Choco Milk Tea, Red Guava Cooler, Iced Tea.

Yes, some Jollibee drinks can be made sugar-free upon request.

Yes, Jollibee drinks are available for delivery through various food delivery platforms.

Prices range from ₱20 to ₱55, depending on the drink and size.

Yes, you can add additional ice, syrup, or whipped cream to some drinks.

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