Craving a delightful finish to your Jollibee adventure? Look no further than their enticing Jollibee Desserts Menu. From sweet pies bursting with sunshine to rich chocolatey treats that melt in your mouth, Jollibee has something for every sweet tooth.

Jollibee Desserts Menu

Sweet 6 Pies To-Go265 ₱
3 Pies To-Go138 ₱
Large Peach Mango Pie 3 Pies To-Go169 ₱
Large Peach Mango Pie63 ₱
Peach Mango Pie48 ₱
Chocolate Sundae Twirl48 ₱

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Peach Mango Pie, Choco Banana Pie, Cookie Caramel Sundae, Mango Graham Fudge Sundae, Jolly Twirl.

Currently, Jollibee’s dessert menu does not offer vegan options.

Yes, Jollibee desserts are available for delivery through various food delivery platforms.

Prices range from ₱27 to ₱98, depending on the item.

While customization options are limited, some stores may offer add-ons like whipped cream or chocolate sauce.

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